The Oil and Gas Consulting Company


Midstream companies contracting for the construction of pipelines, facilities, and plants have relied on Martindale for many years to conduct thorough and professional reviews of all types of construction projects.  Upstream operators know they can count on us to analyze platform and facilities construction costs with the same level of detail and expertise as they receive on joint venture and revenue audits.  These firms realize that oil and gas-related audits are what Martindale does, so we have been able to develop an unsurpassed expertise in understanding the operational and logistical aspects of construction projects and the terminologies used in our industry.
Combine that industry knowledge with our experience in contract and vendor audits, it is no wonder that companies remain confident that Martindale will continue to deliver outstanding results in audits of major construction projects.  You can become more comfortable with your project costs by contacting Martindale and discussing an audit of your construction project.