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Pat Martindale

Pat Martindale, Founder, Martindale Consultants Inc.
University of Central Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 728-3003

Pat's accomplishments and achievements certainly earned him his January 2021 retirement from the firm he founded in 1982.  The firm, now a major employee-based oil and gas consulting service offering a variety of services to clients and the industry, is proud to carry his name into the future. 

Pat began his career in internal audit at Kerr-McGee Corp. He left Kerr-McGee for a challenging opportunity at Texas International Petroleum Corp. to start an internal audit department. In July 1982, Pat ventured out and formed Martindale Consultants, Inc. With his leadership, Martindale Consultants has grown into a major employee-based oil and gas consulting service.

For almost 40 years, Pat’s Martindale accomplishments included: 

  • Testified as an expert witness in Federal and state courts and at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission on subjects including joint venture and revenue claims, gas balancing, royalty disputes, and custom and practice in applying exploration agreements, joint operating agreements, and Accounting Procedure provisions in oil and gas operations.
  • Conducted and managed expenditure audits on domestic U.S. and international joint venture projects.
  • Conducted and managed audits on revenue, royalty, midstream and gas plant projects.
  • Developed how-to procedures and processes for joint interest and revenue-related audits.
  • Managed accounting for clients' joint interest billings for operated properties.
  • Managed accounting for clients’ revenue distributions on partnerships, operated properties, etc.
  • Conducted numerous internal audits for many clients, helping them establish and perfect internal controls for procurement, revenue accounting. 

Pat's commitment to the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS) was unparalleled, highlighted, emphasized, and capped by his selection into the inaugural class of the COPAS Ring of Honor.   Pat also served the industry as:

  • President of the COPAS – Oklahoma City Society
  • Chair of COPAS – Oklahoma City Society Audit Committee
  • Chair of the COPAS National Audit Committee
  • Chair of the COPAS National Publications Committee
  • Two terms as Director on the COPAS National Board of Directors
  • Participant on several COPAS National committees and task forces

Pat was also an often-invited speaker on a variety of royalty, revenue, and joint venture oil and gas accounting topics for both public and private audiences; sharing his insights and expertise through his +40 year career.